Judith Marlane
Author, Educator, Lecturer, Consultant
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“The story of women in television news is a window into the remarkable story of women in the United States in the 20th Century. Judy Marlane covers our story more completely and with more authority than anyone ever has. A compelling read.“

Judy Woodruff, Anchor & Senior Correspondent CNN

...” As much as “Revisited” is a book about women in news, it is also a book that addresses the greater problem of equality in the workforce...”

Grant Bixby, Valley Magazine

“... an anecdotal, longitudinal survey of nearly a quater of a centery. The head of Cal State Northridge’s Department of Radio, Television and Film for a dozen years, [Marlene] spent 25 years before that in front of an audience, in a career extending from en pointe in the Joffrey Ballet to on-air jobs in TV... “

Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times Magazine

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